As City Council Liaison to the Parking Authority Board for the last four years, I am aware of how much data the Board continually needs to process to understand and improve our Managed Parking Program. When Neale volunteered to serve on this board he provided cost & data analysis in several different areas which helped this Board and Council make informed decisions. Similarly, Neale has worked with the City’s parking services provider to develop an intuitive and concise monthly summary of key metrics & commentary. In doing so, significant data sourcing and quality errors were identified resulting in a high confidence dashboard that can be used by the City to monitor and understand parking services. Neale’s contributions have leant clarity and greater understanding to a multi-faceted private/public partnership. For that, I am grateful.

hmsCoreen Toll, Manitou Springs Mayor Pro Tem

“Neale has always stood out to impressed me as someone who has enough understanding of the dynamics of the business to uncover the essential data and evaluate in it the proper context. He is then able to develop a picture of the key factors impacting the situation leading to potential paths forward, and ultimately a clear action plan. Hence, he can translate uncertainty into clear opportunity.”

conoco Roger Bhalla, Supply Chain Strategy & Technology, ConocoPhillips

“<Neale> understood it very quickly, managed to grasp what I was trying to do…He seems to be watching my back…He also comes up with lots of opportunities, lots of things I haven’t even thought about…designing tests, analyzing results to see what works best. That’s exactly what I need. It is like having a Financial Director. I would recommend giving Peak Analytics a try.”

harp  Ben Hewlett, Director of HarpsCool & Chairman of the National Harmonica League