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Professional Business Management Consultant

As a Business Owner
Do you have enough time ?
Are you consumed by day to day issues ?
Do you feel you are maximizing your business’s opportunity ?
Let Peak Analytics
Become your trusted advisor and help accelerate your business
Diagnose your business operations to identify opportunities
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My Story

Seasoned Operations Executive with more than 25 years of leadership experience.
Decisive and engaging leader combining deep strategic insight across entire value chain.
Respected and influential with talent for fostering collaboration and inspiring teams to success in complex business environments.
Keen eye for architecting robust business wins and major business gains through proactive, forward-thinking approach to planning and execution.

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“Neale has always stood out to impressed me as someone who has enough understanding of the dynamics of the business to uncover the essential data and evaluate in it the proper context.  He is then able to develop a picture of the key factors impacting the situation leading to potential paths forward, and ultimately a clear action plan.  Hence, he can translate uncertainty into clear opportunity.”
Roger Bhalla, Supply Chain Strategy & Technology, ConocoPhillips

Roger Bhalla

“<Neale> understood it very quickly, managed to grasp what I was trying to do…He seems to be watching my back…He also comes up with lots of opportunities, lots of things I haven’t even thought about…designing tests, analyzing results to see what works best. That’s exactly what I need. It is like having a Financial Director. I would recommend giving Peak Analytics a try.”

Ben Hewlett, Director of HarpsCool & Chairman of the National Harmonica League

Ben Hewlett

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